Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Just wanted to share a sketch my son made of our dog Duke, taken from a photo we have of him out in the field.  Now that firearms season is done here in Pennsylvania, it's time to get out a few more times in the late season and poke holes in the sky chasing some more grouse.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hello everyone, I'm Erik's son Bryce. There's a few pictures of me around here, most of them with a bird dog. I have 2 Brittanys, a three and a half year old orange and white male, Duke and a nine month old liver and white female, Jenny. We've spent a lot of time in the grouse woods this year chasing birds, and both dogs have been doing really well. With my older dog coming into his third season, with this being his second where he will be hunted only on grouse and woodcock, I had high hopes for him.

He had given me many opportunities on birds over his points throughout the first few weeks of the season but I was never able to connect. Until last weekend, when I hunted a cover I discovered earlier in the year. Within the first 5 minutes in this cover we had already flushed a bird out of a tree. I knew where an older bird was hanging out, as we had seen him around this same spot each time we hunted this cover. He was always able to evade us, and sometimes I'd see him flying away as we approached, with both the dog and I a good distance away. Duke approached the corner of the pasture that sticks out from the woods with a few apple trees and thorn bushes and went silent. As I made my way in from 50 yards I crawled under a barbed wire fence and when I stood I saw him standing there, with a high head and straight tail, only 15 yards from me. He’s on that old bird, I just knew it!  I hadn't taken 5 steps and the grouse flew out of the cover ahead of us from right to left, offering a perfect crossing shot. I swung and with my first shot the bird fell. It was a beautiful, with both a cinnamon colored band and ruffs. Not 30 minutes into the hunt and I was content with the dog work and my shooting so I decided to hold off on any more shooting that day. Duke pointed another bird on our hour and a half walk through that cover, topping off a perfect day in the woods.

Jenny has also made steps towards becoming a grouse dog. She was hunted a few times on pheasant when I took her out for the junior season, but since then she has been hunted exclusively on grouse. I am truly amazed how far she has come this year. Starting as a puppy that would leave me in the dust and go for a fun run in the woods, she has now pointed a few grouse. None of which were harmed. With the early season coming to an end soon we will try to get out for another hunt before we are kept out of the grouse woods until the late season

Ed Note:  With a new drivers license, Bryce was able to get out hunting on his own without me several times this season.  His first PA Grouse was done his way, on his own, by himself.   Really cool to see both he and the dog "grow up"! 

Potter County, PA from the week before

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Decided to strike grayling from a high mountain lake off the list one day.  This lake wasn't picked for any particular reason other than it was one of dozns in the area, had a hiking trail leading to it and was known for grayling.   Lot's and lots of grayling.  I'm in.

Up we went

Small nymphs under a dry dropper proved
to be the ticket

This lake sat below the one we hiked into and held
brook and rainbow trout

Spruce Moths in the Big Hole Valley.  And
the fish love'd em

So my friend John took us on a little excursion one day to a small, no name stream.  It reminded me an awful lot like a lot of the small streams of southwest Wisconsin, and was loaded with 10-13" brook trout.  We also caught browns up to 16" which was a nice bonus.