Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A little slow

So it's been a little slow.  These pictures are from the last time I was out after trout the end of May, floating a creek and catching fish on sulphur nymphs and dries.  We ended up getting into some pretty good hatches and finding rising fish later despite some higher water.  Since then it's been a couple trips out to the peninsula for smallmouths and that's about it.

It'll all change soon enough when Don, Dave, Rich and I will be heading out to Montana next month.  Until then, we'll try and find something to catch around here to tie us over.

Others aren't using that excuse.  Here's Dave Z's buddy Eric and his big score (that's Eric with a "c").  These two have been putting in the time chasing muskies on the fly.  Here's the biggest one to date, from what I was told hit the figure-8 retrieve right beside the boat.

As you can see, both these guys are uber-talented behind the lens.  We've been in high-level negotiations to try and bring them on board as regular contributors.  We've made some progress, but talks have temporarily stalled due to beer demands.  Stay tuned.

Z rocks the "Troegenator"

Monday, May 19, 2014

Take a Hike

Come take a hike with Mike and I to one of the most remote brook trout streams Pennsylvania has to offer.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Been fishin'

That's where I"ve been.  A crappy winter has broken out into a so-so spring weather-wise around here.  Had our annual weekend in Northcentral PA and in between the raindrops was able to find some gold at the the rainbow.  Here's a couple nice ones that came to hand.

Soon the smallmouths will be invading the shallows of Presque Isle Bay and we'll turn our attention to those.  And along the way we hope the sulphurs start hatching too.  I love spring!

Happy Hour after a days fishing