Thursday, October 23, 2014

Road Trip: Maine

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Since we got our Brittany over two years ago, my sons dream has been to either take him east for grouse or west for pheasants.  So with a phone call and invitation from my good friend Greg who lives in Connecticut, plans were made last year to take a trip to Maine to sample some of the wing shooting that state is known for.  We made base in the Rangeley Lakes region of northwest Maine which is rich in sporting tradition for both bird hunting and flyfishing.

Are we almost there yet?

Numerous rivers and streams on the way up made me wonder why I didn't bring a
fly rod along.  I guess at heart, I'm just a fisherman who likes to hunt.

After the hunt--Duke on the left, Jim on the right.  Jim is seven years old and a whiz on grouse and woodcock, as well as good company around the cabin.

Each day ended with drinks and dinner, and this view out the window.  The isolated location on a long dirt road in and out (flat tire to prove it) made you feel like you had a piece of the state all to yourself.

Greg, Duke and Bryce start out a morning hunt

My son's first grouse and woodcock taken over point with Duke

Typical grouse cover

So our pup did a lot of growing up this week.  Early on he was busting more birds than pointing, but by the end of the week started to get the hang of things.  All in all it was a successful trip and we got to see parts of the country we never saw before, meet some really good people, and yes having some fresh lob-stah along the way.  We also got an unexpected surprise of a a low-level fly over by three F-16 fighter jets, with one tipping his wing to us as we stood in a large clearing on top of a hill watching them go by.  Pretty cool stuff.

Special thanks to Jeanie and Scott for their hospitality, Jim their dog for some memorable points, and Tom for taking my son along with him one afternoon and sharing his years of dog training experiences with Bryce.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Final days

The last days in Montana ended with many great fish coming
to hand.  Photo:  Erik C 

This stream had awesome pools and runs and every cast had you
thinking "this could be the one"  Photo:  Don B

Photo:  Don B

Don scores again!  Photo:  Erik C
Dave getting it done!  Photo:  Erik C

The after-effects of wet wading!  

Dave with a nice bow.  Photo:  Rich O
Photo:  Rich O

This water screams fish.  Photo:  Dave C
The impending thunderstorm didn't put a damper on Dons day
Photo:  Dave C
I just had to.  Like I said, Dave was infatuated with this hole
all week long.  Photo:  Rich O
Photo:  Dave C

Photo:  Dave C

These two Moose got to about 30 yards as I was playing a  fish....close enough for me.
Photo:  Erik C
Photo:  Erik C

Photo:  Erik C
He's in....Photo:  Erik C
Maybe he's not!  Photo:  Erik C
Tense moments in the air...Photo:  Erik C
22" of pure gold.  Photo:  Erik C

So as our trip drew to a close, we went to say our goodbye's to my good friend who happens to be a pretty hard-core SEC and Georgia Bulldog Fan.  We couldn't help but leave him a little going away present and we laughed for miles down the highway.

He says his neighbors all ask where the black bobcat is from.  Nice one John.

Tana' 2014:  Peace Out!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Continuing the journey......

Can't help the Pennsylvanian's in us to go and find some small creeks to fish.  Most if not all are tributaries to the larger "name" rivers but don't get anywhere near the pressure of the larger waters.  Here's an afternoon going into and coming out of one such stream and gives you a pretty good idea of the sights you'll encounter along the way.  These are Dave's pictures except where noted.

Erik C Photo
Erik C Photo
Erik C Photo