Thursday, October 8, 2015


Decided to strike grayling from a high mountain lake off the list one day.  This lake wasn't picked for any particular reason other than it was one of dozns in the area, had a hiking trail leading to it and was known for grayling.   Lot's and lots of grayling.  I'm in.

Up we went

Small nymphs under a dry dropper proved
to be the ticket

This lake sat below the one we hiked into and held
brook and rainbow trout

Spruce Moths in the Big Hole Valley.  And
the fish love'd em

So my friend John took us on a little excursion one day to a small, no name stream.  It reminded me an awful lot like a lot of the small streams of southwest Wisconsin, and was loaded with 10-13" brook trout.  We also caught browns up to 16" which was a nice bonus.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

To the Ruby and beyond

After leaving the Madison,  we headed west over the mountain to the Ruby River Valley.  Along the way antelope were plentiful, and living in the east it never gets old seeing them.

Rounding up the herm and heading out

The road out of the upper Ruby River Valley

I hate showing up at a spot to find it's already taken

Bryce's first cutthroat of the trip

The Ruby held cookie-cutter cutties of this size in the section we fished

Lunch stop with a view

Talk about shelf life!

First morning on the Big Hole and a trico-eater

The start of our small stream adventures for the next week


Monday, August 31, 2015

More Madison

If Montana isn't on your mind while you're there, Nancy Deletka will make sure it is with the great lunches she packs for the days fishing.  After the first days nasty weather, the sky got blue and the weather moderated quite a bit.  The first morning we floated up high, the second day we started where we took out the day before, and ended up taking out above Ennis.  With Bryce taking the occasional breaks from fishing and picking up the camera I finally ended up with some pictures of myself on this trip.   I'll forgo any narratives and just let them speak for themselves.


Pelicans.  Lots of them up and down the Madison